Jade Mountain and Saltee Unite

Jade Mountain has established a partnership with luxury sunscreen company Saltee in keeping with its reputation for sustainability and elegance. These businesses have come together as a result of their shared principles to establish a remarkable relationship that will be on display all across the resort.

The resort consistently places sustainability at the centre of its practises, and this is no exception when partnering with Saltee. It is well known for its unwavering dedication to sustainability across all areas of its operations, from mindful food sourcing to energy conservation and active involvement in community projects. Jade Mountain has purposefully decided to partner with a company that upholds its ideals and extends its sustainability efforts to the field of suncare in keeping with this commitment.

Dedicated to igniting the spirit of transformational travel, Saltee is a remarkable brand. Natural marvels like Venuceane from the ocean are at the core of Saltee’s component lineup. The elimination of harmful substances like oxybenzone and nanoparticles that might have a negative impact on coral reefs demonstrates Saltee’s steadfast commitment to ocean-friendly solutions. Through these considerate actions, Saltee joins Jade Mountain’s unwavering commitment to initiatives for coral reef preservation, together preserving the very essence of the aquatic environment.

The collaboration will not only give visitors the chance to try Saltee products while they are there and protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays, but it will also inspire them to learn more about skin health and what can and must be done to protect our delicate skin in various circumstances.

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