The Tourism Enhancement Fund donates to the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF)

The purpose and objectives of the SLUNCF are to support the long-term management and expansion of Saint Lucia’s areas of land and/or sea which are specifically dedicated to the protection and maintenance of biological diversity and natural resources and other activities that contribute substantially to the conservation, protection and maintenance of biodiversity, while also creating sustainable livelihoods.

The SLUNCF is integral to supporting the management of Saint Lucia’s biodiversity and natural resources against the need for social capital and partnership and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and use as management priorities.

In April of 2019, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) signed a memorandum of understanding with the SLUNCF to make an annual donation of one hundred thousand united states dollars ($100,000.00 USD) for two years. The purpose of financial contribution is aimed at assisting the SLUNCF operations and for the issuance of grants for Environmental Projects with a Tourism Focus.


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