Cerebral Palsy Association

Mrs Troubetzkoy is the Patron of the Saint Lucia Cerebral Palsy Association.

Mission: To support people directly and indirectly affected with cerebral palsy

Vision: Our country St.Lucia will provide the required amenities of health, social and educational needs through the appropriate intervention methods to enable people with challenges to reach their maximum potential throughout their life.


      1. To advocate for continuous availability of therapy including physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. To ensure that affected people have access to suitable education and health care as required. To raise awareness on the inclusion of affected persons in society
      2. To source proper equipment for daily functions by increasing the availability and accessibility of suitable equipment for children with cerebral palsy under the guidance of the respective Orthopedic/Physical/Speech/Occupational Therapist and Pediatrician.
      3. To provide parents with advice and demonstrating daily care techniques on handling children with cerebral palsy through workshops conducted by the specialist.
      4. To gather, maintain and distribute information on cerebral palsy, on prevention, therapeutic, new/old treatment options, equipment etc.
      5. To provide a more sociable space for the children to interact with each other and to learn their environment.
      6. To help parents create a more functional space for their children to manage their disability both at home and at school.

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