BBC Two’s Amazing Hotels show reveals the hard work that goes into creating dream stays at St Lucia’s Jade Mountain resort.

Source: Daily Mail  Behind the scenes in a Caribbean paradise: BBC Two’s Amazing Hotels show reveals the hard work that goes into creating dream stays at St Lucia’s ‘lost city-style’ Jade Mountain resort. Life for guests at the Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia is sheer paradise – but it’s not easy creating hotel heaven, […]

A Caribbean adventure in the art of photography

Source: How To Spend It Header Photo Credit: An action shot taken on St Lucia by Joe McNally | Image: Joe McNally, 2016 St Lucia resort Anse Chastanet is hosting a six-day workshop with a National Geographic photographer this October On the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Nick Troubetzkoy’s beachfront Anse Chastanet resort sits in a lush […]

St Lucia: spectacular scenery, countless banana plantations and peaks of perfection

Source:  The traffic through Castries creeps along at a glacial rate, past bustling street markets and under the shadows of enormous cruise ships that seem to have arrived from a world operating on an entirely different scale. “It’s the sleeping policemen slowing everyone down,” our taxi driver explains as our car crunches over one of […]

Beauty from the Beach to the Mountains

Source: What’s more spectacular? The Pitons—Gros and Petit—or the unique architecture of Jade Mountain, designed to take full advantage of the view?. Photo Credit: ThomasFluegge/Getty Images Updated May 06, 2016. Every resort in the Caribbean promises palm trees, rum punch and turquoise seas. But Anse Chastanet and its ultra-luxe extension Jade Mountain in St. Lucia […]

2016 BRIDES Best Honeymoons: The Top 10 Resorts in the Caribbean

Source:  Photo: Courtesy of Jade Mountain 1. Jade Mountain St. Lucia All suites at this cliffside retreat are open air (an exterior wall is actually missing), giving you awesome views of the Piton mountains and Caribbean Sea. The best place to soak it all in? From your private infinity pool; every room has one. (Doubles […]

Travel to St. Lucia: Caribbean luxury on the rocks

Source: ST. LUCIA, April 30, 2016 – St. Lucia is Caribbean luxury “on the rocks.” And, as James Bond might say, “if you are not shaken, you are certain to be stirred.” Nestled in the eastern Caribbean Sea, the lush island of St. Lucia, long a favorite port of call for sailors, is now coming […]